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Step 1: Check your registration status

In Minnesota, you can register at the polls. So even though it’s too late to be pre-registered, you can still register when you vote! Check your registration status to see whether it’s up-to-date. If your registration is up-to-date, you can skip to step 3!

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Step 2: Not registered to vote?

You’ll need to register when you vote. This is pretty simple - you just need to be able to verify who you are and where you live.

If you’re voting at the same address that’s on your MN Driver’s License or MN ID, then that’s all you need! If you’re voting somewhere else (like at your campus address), then you’ll need 2 things:

  1. A photo ID (e.g. MN Driver’s license, MN ID, student ID card, or passport)

  2. Something that verifies your voting address (e.g. your lease, a piece of official mail, a roommate or neighbor who can vouch that you live there)

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step 3: pledge to vote

Get text or email reminders about voting info like when polls open and close, when early voting ends, and other updates.

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Step 4: research

Generate a sample ballot so you know which candidates will be on your ballot. Then, check out the non-partisan voter guide that our awesome partner We Vote MN made for information on the candidates to help you make the right voting decision for you!

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Step 5: vote!

You can vote early or on Election Day. We recommend voting early if you can because the lines are shorter, and it makes the process faster on November 6 for those who aren’t able to vote early.

Remember that your early voting location is probably different from where you would vote on Election Day, so make sure you know where you’re going!

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