Minnesota Youth Collective Education Fund is 501(c)(3) organization powered by young people to build a more representative and progressive state for all Minnesotans. We empower the next generation of leaders to take our rightful seat at the decision-making table, hold our elected officials accountable to our communities, and shape legislation to better the lives of Minnesotans.

We do this by:

  • Supporting and investing in the leadership of young people from underrepresented communities — communities of color, native communities, LGBTQ* folks, women, and working-class people.

  • Centering young voices and stories around issues that matter to us and driving change around these issues.

  • Giving young people opportunities to exercise their political power at every level of government, from working to make local schools more equitable all the way up to holding our representatives in Congress accountable.

  • Making voting more accessible for young people — from registering them to vote to giving them the tools to get their friends out to vote.

  • Weaving art, music, and culture into democracy to make it more approachable and accessible


Purpose of the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is the policy making body of the organization. To effectively meet the organization’s challenges the Board and the Executive Director must function together as a leadership team. We are looking for board members who care about their communities, and want to ensure young people have access to political power in all its forms. This is a volunteer position.

Board of Directors Job Responsibilities:

  • Actively support and promote our mission.

  • Commit to an initial one-year term

  • Attend at least 75% of all regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings annually.  

  • Read and review Board materials and actively participate in discussions.

  • Understand, accept, and promise to discharge Board member fiduciary responsibilities; study financial reports, and be knowledgeable about the organization’s financial status and Board policies surrounding financial matters.

  • In partnership with fellow Board members and management, help advance the organization’s Development Plan.

  • Recruit 2 new monthly donors per quarter, with a minimum monthly donation per donor of $10.

  • Make annual financial contribution(s) to the organization commensurate with personal ability to contribute.

  • Participate in 75% of large-scale organizational events per year-- examples include fundraisers, forums, and significant programmatic events.

  • Abstain from any action that might lead to or be perceived as a conflict of interest, and annually sign a No Conflict of Interest Statement

  • Support and mentor organizational staff


  • A commitment to social justice, anti-oppression, and undoing institutional racism, as well as prioritizing the leadership of young people at all times

  • Previous board experience is not required, but a familiarity with community or political organizing is helpful

  • Knowledge of and influence in the community, whatever that means to you

  • Creative and flexible

  • Willing and able to engage in discussion while prioritizing the mission and vision of the organization

  • Comfortable engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and those you don’t know

Application Details

This is a volunteer position. Send a (no more than one page) statement of interest in a PDF to Executive Director Emily Wellen (; please include “MNYC Education Fund Board” in your subject line. Applications will be considered in waves; applicants who apply by January 18th will be notified by February 4th, 2019.